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lewis reingold
lewis R.
17:02 26 Jun 20
Been with them for years, I see Dr. Kavasteen, and extremely happy, he is calm, professional, and very detailed. The office staff could not be nicer, always a positive attitude, very professional The wait time is within 30 minutes.
Eileen Kory
Eileen K.
15:19 26 Jun 20
Dr. Guida has been wonderful with my daughter since day 1 . No need to go anywhere else.
Jeannine Candia
Jeannine C.
01:19 26 Jun 20
Charles Murray
Charles M.
19:58 25 Jun 20
boss lady
boss L.
16:37 25 Jun 20
Dr. Guida is everything one would want in an allergist, plus as a bonus he exudes kindness and humor. I'm sorry about removing a star. It's the staff.The office staff is trained to use the computer, but any training concerning expressing a pleasant demeanor, helpfulness, or welcoming has clearly not been done. With some (not all) of the front desk people, making an appointment is an intrusion on their private time. I'm old and visit lots of doctors' offices, and find this one to be the biggest challenge in signing in, getting an appointment, and anything else which would be a normal request. Training! When I hire an employee, it takes 7 minutes to set out that exuding charm, helpfulness, and speaking clearly is not optional. Cellphone use is forbidden; they can use it on bathroom breaks and lunch breaks. Exceptions can be made for sick kids, car repairs, and so on. No one is supervising new hires.
Catherine Lott
Catherine L.
02:55 07 Feb 20
I am totally pleased with Dr. Guida! He is personable, professional and knowledgeable. He takes time to hear your story before he gives advise and prescribes a solution. This was my third visit to his office and we were able to identify my allergies and problem areas. It took this long to get my problem under control because I had spent months with other doctors with NO results. In addition to Dr. Guida, his staff is friendly. The nurse was a delight. But it doesn't stop there. All three of my visits ran ON TIME and the women running the desk were terrific! Unfortunately my problem may take some time to get fully resolved but I am comforted by the fact that I have found a doctor and staff who will make the process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Bob Bambino
Bob B.
17:45 23 Jan 20
Dr. Kavesteen is my cardiologist and excellent provider. Front desk and medical staff were super friendly and helpful.
Catherine Brase
Catherine B.
22:12 10 Jan 20
Exceptional placement in all areas, I feel like one of the family. I’m a patient since 2017 and I’ve been monitored and treated with the latest techniques in the very best technology. Dr. Kavesteen, Dr. Galler and Dr. Brian Galler deserve (5)) five star reviews.I am completely satisfied with Heart And Health Cardiology. Thank you!
peter phoomahal
peter P.
22:59 12 Aug 19
Dr. Kavesteen and his staff at Heart and Health Medical are caring, friendly, and very professional. They create a welcoming/positive environment and are genuinely willing to help you with whatever problem you come to them with. They treat you with the utmost respect and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to have worked with and had this internship experience with.
Valerie Maldonado
Valerie M.
15:48 09 Aug 19
I interned at Heart and Health medical summer 2019 and had a great experience. The doctors and staff were always accessible and ready to help the interns to learn. The practice is incredibly well run, and you can tell the staff truly cares about delivering the most efficient and effective patient care.
Ilissa Pipia
Ilissa P.
14:35 09 Aug 19
Heart and Health Medical is filled with people who are genuinely willing to help you out and care. Everyone is very friendly and hardworking. The doctors there are very genuine and caring as well, but also are very lighthearted and funny.
Luna Thapa
Luna T.
14:16 02 Aug 19
The staff has always been very professional. Just a great set of professional peoples.Janette J Baird
janette jinks
janette J.
18:11 12 Jun 19
This is a great place . Excellent medical doctor and staff. I highly recommend this medical office for cardiology and internal medicine to friends and family.
David Kavesteen MD FACC FCCP
David Kavesteen MD FACC F.
19:22 07 Jun 19
Cathy Brase
Cathy B.
03:17 10 Mar 19
Been going to Dr. Kavesteen for years. He is the most reliable and best cardiologist ever!
02:20 12 Jan 19
Wonderful staff! Dr. Kavesteen is by far the most educated and ambitious cardiologist I have ever know of.
Long Island Hub
Long Island H.
01:11 12 Jan 19
Remarkable staff. Very competent doctors. I highly recommend heart and health.
Leonardo Rojas
Leonardo R.
23:22 11 Jan 19
Outstanding staff and located nearby my home. It is not only a very convient commute but these doctors know what their doing. Amazing experience everytime.
James William
James W.
12:11 07 Jan 19
I have been seeing Dr. Kavesteen for 10 years. He is compassionate, thorough, understanding, and willing to spend time with you. His entire office treats you that way too. It can be very scary having heart problems but when you leave there, you feel comfortable knowing that someone has listened to you and is available to address your concerns. And, he will treat ALL your health concerns. He treated my poison ivy, helped me with sinus infections, etc. I would definitely recommend his office to anyone.
Linda S
Linda S
13:57 14 Jul 18
Ruth Stephenson
Ruth S.
01:23 09 Jan 18
Jacob Kavesteen
Jacob K.
17:11 19 Mar 16
Felicia Dejesus
Felicia D.
19:56 10 Feb 16
Great office Dr.kavesteen is caring and compassionate.
Karen Baldwin
Karen B.
20:37 05 Sep 14
Heart & Health in Deer Park treated my Father with the utmost professionalism and respect. Other Heart Specialists that we've been to in the past have treated him like another number. Dr Kavesteen is very personable and really made an effort to educate us all on each aspect of my Fathers Heart Disease. The time he took with us was so valuable to us and I will recommend Doctor Keversteen to anyone who needs a Heart Doctor on Long Island.
Tom Piccininni
Tom P.
20:38 31 Jan 13

Facebook Reviews

My doctors are at Heart And health and I am very happy with them and their service. The staff is great too!
Cathy Brase
Cathy B.
13:34 01 Feb 20
I enjoyed my time as a medical assistant intern at Dr. K's office. It was a rewarding experience that taught me a lot about communicating with patients and working with medical professionals. Dr. K is a caring, friendly, and professional, and his staff is great to work with. Would recommend to any individual seeking to gain clinical experience in a medical setting.
Nita W. Wong
Nita W. W.
18:23 13 Dec 19
I like heart and health my favorite allergist dr guida
Andrew Pinsker
Andrew P.
11:15 16 Aug 19
Tammy Clarizio
Tammy C.
16:45 15 Aug 17
Walter Florian
Walter F.
17:33 26 Feb 17
Douglas Wagar
Douglas W.
17:19 12 Mar 16
This is a great site for information about local cardiologist and medical care in Long Island NY
David Kavesteen
David K.
17:58 19 Jan 16
Ellen Kloss Dagostino
Ellen Kloss D.
02:24 20 Oct 15
Jaime Mickus Incorvaia
Jaime Mickus I.
22:15 02 Dec 14
Dan Acosta
Dan A.
13:41 11 Dec 13

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